Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What to do during the "slow" time?

So, it's February
My calendar is....well, fairly empty.
Yet, everyday is like a race to see how much I can do before the 5:00 "bell" rings.

Let me tell you what I am NOT doing.
*spending time on facebook "stalking" other photographers pages
*sulking that I am not busy enough
*taking time off for "personal growth"
etc, etc, etc

I look forward to January and February so much!
This is my time to gather my thoughts about the future and MARKET like a MAD woman!

In January, my brain was in March. Right now, my brain is in April and May.
We have decided after many years of trying...nobody wants to have their portrait made in January or February. It is simple. So we stopped trying. NOW, we are looking ahead to the time when our clients and potential clients are mentally ready to have portraits made.
Easter, Bluebonnets (or whatever spring wildflowers you might have) and
Senior portraits are getting ready to hit us pretty hard. YAY!!
 I am ready to pick up my camera again and get to making some money!

So then Spring hits us and BAM! we have no time to market for the summer.
It is a vicious cycle!
So as soon as all of my marketing materials are prepared for the spring, I am moving on to the summer.
I usually spend about 2-3 days designing all of the marketing pieces for Spring and Summer
and then they are ready to go.

You know what they say....
People who don't market are....

So, if you are the one who has been on facebook for 2 hours now....GET OFF!
And get to the business of making money!
You may have this fabulous idea, but if no one knows about it....
Ok, ok, you get the hint!
Check back or Follow the Blog
as we go deeper into some fabulous
Marketing ideas.