Inspired Consulting

As a portrait studio owner have you ever wanted somebody to come in and just show you how to make things work? 
 How to set up your lighting, reinforce posing techniques,
or make a sales presentation? 
Have you ever wanted somebody to come in and
help you create a digital workflow that is
designed for how YOU do business? 
If you answered “Yes!,” then  Elizabeth and Trey want to help.   

Our consulting service is offered in three ways.
**Telephone Consults**
*most popular*
1 hour…..$125
*Buy 2 hours and get one free!*
Telephone consultations are in one hour increments. Cannot be combined for a multi-hour call, but rather three 1 hour long calls within a 3 week period (for example).

Telephone Consultations

**In Person Consultations (at OUR studio)**
1 hour….$200
½ day (4hours)….$800
Full day (8 hours)…$1600

In Our Studio Consultations
**Tag along on a session**
(comes with 30 minutes chat after)…$300


**In Person Consultations (at YOUR studio)**
½ day…$1000 plus expenses
Full day…$1800 plus expenses
YOUR Studio Consultation
All consultations will focus on YOUR needs.
Marketing, lighting, posing, business, etc.
Trey and Elizabeth will decide which one of us will be able to assist you the most.
Prepayment is necessary to book your consultation.
Thank you and we wish you much success and inspiration!

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  1. Great tips, many thanks for sharing. I have printed and will stick on the wall! I like this blog. Itinerary Consultation